Happy Name Your Car Day!


“Dude. The name’s Filmore. How’s it goin’?”


Leave it to social media to create holidays. (Siblings Day, anyone?) Today is a “holiday” I can relate to: Name Your Car Day! My social media feeds are lit up with car names that range from the endearing to the downright weird. Here are the cars who have graced my driveway at one point in time or another:

Raspberry: A 1992 Ford Escort LX that I bought with my own money. Loved the purr of the Mazda engine under the hood! I drove that poor car into the ground. Those were my serious road-tripping years.

Vanilla Bean: A white 1997 Ford Escort Sport. Raspberry’s successor. Vanilla Bean rose from the dead, but not in my driveway, unfortunately. More to follow on that one.

Kismet: A 1996 Volvo 850 GLT wagon that I bought in 2007 after Vanilla Bean’s demise. Kismet was totaled a few short months later by a girl yakking on her cell as she plowed into me. You could say Kismet died protecting me, like a true Volvo. I walked away without a scratch.

Nigel: A 1991 Volvo 750 base and Kismet’s successor. I bought him just as the recession was beginning to gather steam and most of us (me included) were packing up our desks and heading toward the door. Nigel was my side-kick during a fruitless job search and my eventual return to school. I miss him every day.

???: My next car. I think they name themselves. I have no idea what the future will hold or who will land in my driveway next, but you can be sure they’ll have a name.


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