When Wheels Become Wings




In the little over a year I’ve been without a car, I’ve lost a lot of my independence. Forget about spontaneous runs to the grocery store for one last ingredient for dinner, to hell with meeting up with friends the next town over, and doctor’s and vet appointments need to be planned well in advance so I can borrow a car or beg a ride.

I’ve had my wings clipped to be sure.

Waking up sick or waking up to a sick pet? Nope. Can’t happen. Not in the schedule. Buses don’t run at 3AM and most cab companies around here don’t transport pets anyway.

My dream of owning a car again was torpedoed by a recent emergency vet appointment that drained my down payment funds. Money well spent to be sure, but a major setback nonetheless.

BFF to the rescue

My BFF texted me recently. I can use her car while she and her daughter are out of town.


My houseguest for the next few days will be a 2007 Scion Xb. I remember this car when it was brand-new, a mere baby with paper license plates and new car smell;  it now sports over 236,000 well-loved miles on the odometer.

Enough about that.

For the next few days, I will have some spontaneity back in my life. Instead of scheduling my entire life around either the bus schedule or the availability of a hastily borrowed car, I can relax for a change.

Getting my life back…if even for a week

I was bored, running low on TP and needed a Target run. I grabbed the key, hopped in, and away I went. For the first time I can remember, I wandered the aisles forever. Afterward, I drifted around the other stores in the mall.

I didn’t have to worry about delaying the neighbor from whom I bummed a ride, and I didn’t have to worry about getting a car back  at the precise moment I promised. I could breathe.

A co-worker sweetly offered me a ride home yesterday. It felt good to say “Cool. Thank you, but I have a car this week!” She was happy not because she was no longer tied to giving me a lift home, but because I was happy. She’s been in my shoes.

I’ve already made runs to the local market and to the drug store just because I can. I have my pet’s follow-up appointment scheduled. I’m making plans to meet up with friends who I’ve not seen in ages.

I  felt the tension leave my entire body when I realized that although I was running five minutes late, I didn’t have to worry about missing the bus. There is a car in my carport. I can get to work unhurried and unsullied by rapid transit funk.

If I need to run to the store, I can do so. If I need to run to the vet’s office, I can be there in five minutes. If a friend wants to meet up, done and done.

If I get stressed out and need to hit the local roads, I can. Driving along the local coast was my go-to stress relief in my car-owning days. Screw yoga. I want to drive. And now I can, even if for a week. I will take what I can get.

Here’s the car!” my friend said. Nope. Here are my wings.





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