The Five Fabulous Cars In My Fantasy Fleet

Admit it. You’d love to have a fleet of badass cars at your disposal. A car of every variety tops my “If I Win The Lottery” list. Here are the five cars that are in my fantasy fleet should I ever hit the jackpot.

  1. Ford Mustang 350 GT, Shelby edition: Keep your Dodge Hellcat and your Chevy Camaro SS. The snarling hellbeast I’d want in my garage is the iconic Mustang, served up Carroll Shelby style. Its sporty looks and throaty growl would scare the locals right out of their Prius-induced slumber. 2015-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-NCI-1-1024x627
  2. Honda CRV-EX: The perfect people-mover and daily driver. This top-selling crossover is dominating an already crowded segment. Dealers can’t keep them on the lot. I like the CR-V for its excellent road manners, reliability, and it’s fun-to-drive demeanor. I’ll take mine in white, please. maxresdefault
  3. Tesla P85D. I’ll just leave this right here. #InsaneModeTesla-Model-s-P85D-exterior
  4. VW classic Microbus. I love these, man. I always have. Load up some friends and drive along the coast. 3-Our-Bus-047
  5. An old-school Volvo brick. There is nothing like a steadfast and loyal old Volvo. You’ll learn more next week about the 1991 740 that stole my heart. Volvo-740--1991LR

What’s in your fantasy fleet?Leave me a note in the comments below.

These days, I dream of a car that actually runs, but hand me the winning lottery ticket and these babies are mine. Once I get done buying cars for other people, that is.

May the road you travel this holiday season keep you safe and carry you home.

One thought on “The Five Fabulous Cars In My Fantasy Fleet

  1. My fantasy fleet always includes a Bristol, a Citroen CX and a Lancia. After that it varies. On a long list I add a Honda NSX but really I’d prefer a Peugeot 604. After that the list dissolves into caprice. And I feel like adding a Buick Park Avenue (the late 80s one).


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